I’d like to Volunteer for…


I’m tired of volunteers! Does this sound harsh? Probably, but hear me out. What is a volunteer? It is a person that takes on a task after being asked or sometimes even coerced into being a part of the job. Does this sound familiar? There have been so many times in my life that I have had someone “encourage” me to help with something that I either don’t have time for or know nothing about. I will accomplish the task with a smile, but maybe not very well. I may show up late or even leave early, due to “previous commitments”. Besides, it doesn’t seem to matter. The task at hand is not that big a deal, right? Maybe it’s helping someone move or washing cars or something else.

Do you see what I’m talking about? I now, don’t like myself for being a volunteer. This is “Brent” theology here, but I don’t think Jesus ever asked for volunteers. Can you imagine feeding the 5000? “Hey guys, ummm, I’m thinking about feeding all these people…ummm, but we only have a few loaves of bread and a couple fish. So, is there anyone that wants to start passing stuff out and we will see how far we can go? Anyone…anyone…anyone…” This sounds a bit strange, I know, but stick with me. Jesus didn’t surround himself with perfect people, but he surrounded himself with people that were willing…Servants. There is a huge difference between one who serves and one who volunteers. The task is the same, but now it is not about time, it is about quality. It is not about personal needs, it is about relationships with others. It is not about why, but when. It is about HEART!

As a leader of a ministry, I am looking for Servants…not volunteers. Who are you?

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