Dinner and a Movie


Last night, we went over to my brother’s house to hang for dinner and a movie. We had planned for a while to watch “Facing The Giants”. We were finally going to have that chance. I knew that watching this movie was going to challenge me as a Christian. What I didn’t realize was how important this movie was to me as a leader. Hear me…THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE REQUIRED WATCHING FOR EVERY LEADER WHO CALLS THEMSELVES A CHRISTIAN. Sorry, I don’t mean to shout, but it is that powerful. This movie paints such an example of what a Christian leader should look like. I am not just saying a Pastor or a bible study leader. If you are a boss, or a teacher or a manager. You name it. You can place into your life, principles of your faith that change, even Revive those around you. It is a challenge I have to figure out how to live up to, but I know it starts with me..as a leader.

I do have to say that I left the movie feeling a little bit like God would give me whatever I had wanted if I live to please Him…but I have to get my mind around that a little more. God does want us to have the desires of our hearts…right? There is a difference. It is something I have to let God teach me completely. How do I live for Him without wanting something in return? It is a definite discipline to live sacrificially, never looking for something in return, yet knowing God will provide and bless. I like that. I’m learning that.

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