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I was fortunate to go with my kids to see Switchfoot last night. My kids adore them. We were able to take my son last year for his B-day to see them, so he was excited to have them here in his home town. We new the promoter for the event, so the kids were able to hang out later and meet the guys. They really enjoyed it!

Anyway…why is it that people are so excited about everything but God. Or, have we been placed into some mold that says we aren’t allowed to be active in our worship of God? I know everyone has there opinions about this (God has His too in His Word), but I guess my thought is somewhat sad. I watch people go crazy at concerts. then I go to church on Sunday and I watch them stare at worship leaders like me as if they could care less. What do we want? Pleasure? An experience? Are we looking to get something out of it? I think that may have something to do with it. Worship isn’t about us, it is about whatever we are idolizing. We can’t go to church and expect some amazing dramatic experience or loud music or a “celebrity” standing on stage. Or can we? Have we placed so much emphasis on needing a human being to be our attention or focus, that we have forgotten the Creator is there for our Worship and Praise. I think if people worshiped God like they worshiped people and music, they would be surprised to find that an experience with Him is like no other!


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  1. 1 wife

    Well said B! Can I go as far to say that, for me, it is maddening to witness such demonstrative support of the things of this world then experience all but a “Flat Line” moment in the house of God – where we should be utilizing the freedom that is encouraged and expected there in the company of other believers. This is our safe place to land.

    Also, I appreciate shows and concerts. I love the creativity and going beyond what you expect. But we serve a “Creator”. We worship the Author of Creativity – so let’s be creative in our worship together. At all times! Especially at church, I say! Don’t worship the music team by all means… but do know that your team is doing their own personal best to live out the gift of creativity that the Creator has placed in them so that those attending and joining in that worship experience might too be encouraged to live out their best for their Creator too! Unashamed!

  2. 2 lazrus2

    Worshipers beget worshipers if I’m not mistaken and it takes time. Look back not so far in TRF’s history and observing was the order of the Sunday service. But there are a lot of at least outwardly demonstrative worshipers out there now and I believe increasingly so. How deep they will go is in large part authorized by how deep we go in front of them. We have always been about freedom and still are, that’s where He would want us to be I believe. It takes vision and if you/we know where we are going and we also know that we’ve been there before and we’re noticably excited about going there again and again and again they will follow. That’s what sheep do. Take us into the Holy of Holys, It’s where He is (especially in corporate worship) ‘Dont know if any of this will be in the Re-Link this Wed. but it could make for some lively conversation.

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