I hate everything! What’s for dinner…


Alright, when did it become ok to be so angry? Every time I turn on the TV, someone is pissed. I’m not sure what it is, maybe caffeine, traffic, bosses? I’m not sure. It’s almost necessary to be angry to communicate, or should I say to be heard. We don’t discuss, we argue. We don’t protest, we lash out. It’s like some sick and twisted fad. We don’t listen, we hate. There’s a word…HATE. When did we stop standing for something? I look around in our media (I know…maybe not the most accurate), and I don’t hear any ideas. I hear hate. I listen to people “discuss” and very seldom do I hear “let’s try this…” I hear “you can’t do that”. I don’t get it. I look at politics and all I see is, “I don’t have any ideas, but I don’t like yours…or you, so I will vote against it…or you. We no longer vote for something, we vote against something. I want to hear ideas. I want to hear discussion. I long for the day when we agree to disagree and then respect those that God has placed in authority. Please hear. I am far from being some sort of political activist. Politics drive me nuts. But, I am willing to listen to my leaders and hopefully encourage and pray for them to be or continue to be God believing leaders for our country and us. This isn’t about politics. This is about an attitude that is taking over society. And guess what. It will overtake the church just as easy. I would say in a lot of ways its already here. Let’s start standing for a relationship with God. Remember that Great commandment thing?


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