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So I am sitting here watching the Colts vs Patriots game…go Colts…and wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. As I talked to my wife about what I believe it takes to manage and upkeep a blog (because Ive been reading some that are extremely valuable to me and effective), she made the statement that I am not a scheduler, but I need to learn to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I think keeping a schedule is absolutely necessary, but it also scares me. I have a hard time being limited to think or do what is written for me to do on a piece of paper or in Entourage. It seems like every time an office notification pops up on my screen, I begin a war…with myself. It is right then that I have a choice. Get my assignment done or do something else. Maybe even something more fun. It is a constant battle. Fun is different everyday. Maybe today ( I am a techie by the way) I write a new song, or play with pro Tools or learn about the newest coolest piece of recording equipment or run down the street to get a Dutch Bros Iced Kicker (my favorite choice). Or, maybe I read some more of that book that has been face down, open to the second chapter for the last month. Or, maybe I just get on my knees and pray. By this time, I have missed my appt, or its too late to get started. So I reschedule the appt in Entourage and try this again tomorrow.

This is sin…isn’t it? Paul calls for us to “buffet our bodies” in 1 Corinthians 9:27. the Christian life is all about preparing. Preparing for the next opportunity to share. Preparing for God to use us. Preparing for His coming. I like what John Macarthur said in his transcript of a message titles “Hacking Agag to Pieces”. He(Paul) wasn’t perfect but he was victorious over the sin in his life. No Christian can give testimony, honest testimony to the fact that when he became a Christian sin was erased. It’s not so. The tendency to sin is still in our lives. Even though we’re saved we still sin and worse, we still derive pleasure from our sin. We still struggle with sinful habits, not just sinful isolated acts.”

I need consistency, or maybe I need a secretary. No…I need discipline. I guess that’s why I am here. So…tomorrow I go to work and on my desktop will pop up “Time to BLOG”. I wonder what I’ll do. Maybe I will place a link in my appt to read my own blog!


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  1. 1 wife

    Disciplined? Bdog disciplined? Sure! Like me, when he wants to be! What we need is accountability! Isn’t that what those little pop up reminders on your computer are? Sin? Yes it is…it is a sin to do what you ought not do and a sin not to do what you ought to do. Something like that – I’ve always shyed away from that verse. I suppose we need to be a team on this Bdog! GO PATRIOTS! (speaking of teams) So when I call you tomorrow morning and you’re sitting at your computer down at church and I invite you to run some errands with me (only to really get a Dutch Bro’s), you will have a choice to “dismiss” the reminders popping up all over and high tail out of there! Or you can ditch me and do the right thing!

    wife :O

  2. Uh-oh. I hope you’ve cleaned up your act since then. When did you finally get rid of this ‘wife’ person? I like Tam a lot better.

  3. Hahahaha!

    that was before the “inProgress” days. Back when I was the hip blogger inn t he house. I have willingly handed that title to my tam!

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