I love Toys


Being the tech freak that I am, I get excited about strange things. Like when there is a new announcement from Digidesign that they are going to help improve my life as a user of their software. Or I have to replace cables at FOH, cause the video inputs are getting scratchy (a trip to Guitar Center…love it.). Or my favorite…The new, wrapped in plastic, MIX Magazine master directory arrives in the mail. Hallelujah! It’s like Christmas all year.

Anyway, why am I rambling. Well we (the church I am a Pastor at) have purchased new equipment for our audio team. We are upgrading our FOH console to digital and jumping in with both feet. We are very excited (I can hear all the TRF techs screaming in glee as I write about this). Today, I began receiving the pieces of equipment via the local UPS. Mind you, I only received one, but they are coming. I told my wife we had received something today and she kind of chuckled when I told her, it was just the power conditioner. Essentially it is a high tech surge protector. I know, I haven’t even received the good stuff yet, but I received something. Of course I already know what is in the box and I know it’s only one of about 15 boxes that are to arrive, but I had to open it. I just had to look at it. Then the decision, where do i put it? Do I just leave it in my office? But, then when I receive the other boxes (and some will be large), I wont have enough room in my office. Maybe I put it in the sound booth? No, then I’ll have boxes piling up and if they all don’t show up this week, we will have crap all over the Worship Center for the weekend. Maybe I put them in a closet/storage area? Heck no, I have to be able to see them. So, office it is.

I bet it will be kind of humorous as I receive all these larger boxes and my small 10’x12′ office is loaded to the ceiling with stuff. No way! It will be awesome. It can be my own little candy store, and yes, I am a kid!


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  1. 1 wife

    Ya know – you’re painting a picture of yourself that makes me want to go out and buy you a “Pocket Protector”! Sorry to anyone who happens to adorn one~

    Congratulations on the Plug you got in the mail today – Woo-Hoo!!!!


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