Christian Music?


I was looking around at some other blogs and saw a link to this…

Christian music vs. music by Christians

I guess letting you know how I responded to it, is the best way to start this thing going…

I am concerned about one overwhelming theme here. How are we classifying accomplishment? Why is it necessary for any Christian to have any sort of worldly approval? Why is it necessary for any Christian artist to have any sort of approval from any person period? Christian artists of any style should be striving to be the best at what they do. Not by the world’s (or any peoples…Christians included) view or standards but by God’s. Look at our standard…THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE! Is there any higher standard than we know of?!

Let’s face it. If you’ve heard of a band or their music and you don’t know them personally, it’s probably not because they are good, but because they have been marketed well or they are popular (is there good music out there that is popular…yes…that’s not my point). Music that we see everyday is about business…yes even the Christian music. If it’s good and sells the labels keep it. If it isn’t, they only get one try.

My point?

Lets give God our best! If our efforts are chosen to become something that more than our creator gets to see, let’s praise God for the opportunity. Our life is what’s important, NOT WHAT WE SAY. If our life is glorifying to God, so our will our words be. Should we preach, yes! Should we share, yes! Is it up to a song to do all of this, No! It’s up to us. Let’s stop putting so much importance of example or witness on a couple of songs someone sings and place the importance back on the life of the Christian where it belongs.

The art of a Christian person is never for man. Say what you want…don’t say anything…let it all be to the Glory of God! If you are faithful to this, He will use it for His glory…not mans!


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